Tony Khodadad, President & CEO

Mr. Khodadad is President/CEO and Chairman of Leone Holdings. Mr. Khodadad graduated from the University of Chicago in 1983 with a BA in Business Management. After graduation, Mr. Khodadad has been involved with several diversified business opportunities where he has been able to exercise his education as well as his entrepreneurial spirit.


Mr. Khodadad has a special talent in taking control of mismanaged operations, neglected facilities that need reevaluation, renovation and reconstruction to bring the highest potential return on invested capital. He has operated several retail facilities in multiple locations while gaining customers confidence by providing them the highest quality service and product lines. While at the same time understanding the importance of maintaining daily profit and loss by balancing the right percentage of daily costs, mainly labor and supply costs.


Mr. Khodadad has operated several self-owned and managed corporations and managed hundreds of employees within the construction and real estate related sectors, including: conventional residential/commercial loans, hard money lending, creative financing, purchase of non-performing secure and unsecure assets and tax sales.


Since 2010, Mr. Khodadad has concentrated his efforts in Sierra Leone as a precious metal exporter and miner for underground resources such as: gold, Platinum, Silver, Chromite, Iron Ore and many other valuable resources.