About Us:

Leone Asset Management, Inc., is a multi-national, multi-industry conglomerate with subsidiary companies that operate in Health and Wellness in the US, Technology Development in India and Infrastructure development, agriculture management and mineral exploration and export in Africa.

At Leone Asset, we strive to be a leader in any industry that we operate in. Our cutting edge management team is always on the look out for additional opportunities that make sense on both a business and personal level and while increasing shareholder value will help improve the quality of life for everyone.

Financial Information:

  • Outstanding Shares – 64,911,200
  • Current Float – 1,850,000
  • Transfer Agent – Island Stock Transfer
  • General Counsel – Gary Lipson – Winderweedle, Haines, Ward and Woodman, PA
  • Legal Counsel for African Operations– Melron C Nicol-Wilson, Esq
  • Accountant – DBB McKennon
  • Auditor– Silberstien Unger, PLLC

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